Approaches to the study of direction while is Experimental music theory student of Maestro Carmel Small at the Conservatory g. Rossini of Pesaro. After studying clarinet, composition and conducting at the conservatories of music in Pesaro and Parma, he studied at the accademia pianistica in Imola, Italy and at the Music Academy Lorenzo Perosi of Biella, graduating cum laude and special mention. At the same time he began studying conducting at the Istituto Musicale Sammarinese with Maestro Georgi Dimitrov, following him then, as an Assistant for five years at the opera house of Rousse in Bulgaria.
During those years he studied in Milan with Sandro Gorli, following annual conducting courses organised by the Divertimento Ensemble, for the repertoire ranging from early 20th century to the present. He followed many masterclasses with important musicians on the international scene, just to name a few: Arturo Sacchetti, Filippo Maria Bressan, Donato Renzetti, Carlo Maria Giulini.
He's won 18 national and international competitions including first prize awarded by the jury from the shoulders of the Plovdiv State Philharmonic Orchestra, prize extended the invitation to conduct a concert in the concert season of the orchestra.
He graduated with honors diploma in orchestral conducting at the Regia Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna.
During the orchestral masterclasses Lanciano (CH), he has recorded for RAI television Switzerland.
Since 1990, he is Music Director of Centennial Concert Society of Serra de ' Conti (AN) with which over the years won the 3rd Prize in the city of Genoa (1995) and 2° prize at the national competition The banks of Newfoundland Bracciolini (AR), organized by the designer Ferragamo, on that occasion, he was awarded the prize, a scholarship, as best Director of competition (1999). In recent years he has organized Masterclasses with master Giancarlo Aquilanti (2007), Robert w. Smith (2014), Robert Sheldon (2015), Brian Balmages (2016), Frank Ticheli (2017), Jan De Haan (2018).
In 1996 he founded, together with trombonist James Cassidy, "PoliPhonia Ensemble" group dedicated to historical and contemporary 20th century music (Hindemith, Hoch, Salcedo, Sciarrino, Stravinsky, De La Motte). With the "PoliPhonia Ensemble" has performed in many Italian cities, l'Histoire du Soldat of Stravinsky "directed by Luciana Ruggeri (Milan, Lecce, Ancona and others).
Always directed by Luciana Ruggeri, in 2005 it performed Histoire du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky recording a live CD for Svana at the Pavilion of contemporary art of Milan, with the small Italian Orchestra.
Musical and artistic director of the Orchestra since 2000 is Winds of Ancona. Among the most important performances include: Paul Hindemith's Symphony in b-flat (2007), the world premiere of Concerto Grosso (2010) by Brian Richard Earl-soloist Alexander I, the first performance with a dedication of Sinfonietta (2011) always composer Brian Richard Earl, the first performance with a dedication of Trans Europe Express for piano voice and wind orchestra (2015) by Daniele Gasparini-piano Mariachiara Crickets, Narrator Luca Violins. Over the years the orchestra has formed important artistic collaborations with clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi (2010), saxophonist Federico Mondelci (2017), actress Isabel Russinova (2012), New York pianist Thomas Nickell (2016), Bandoneonist Daniele di Bonaventura and others.
Musical and artistic director of the choir since 2001 Francis Talley of Serra de ' Conti. With this last faced major projects: a series of replicas of the Requiem K 626 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the 250° anniversary (2006), Missa Prima and Secunda pontificalis of Lorenzo Perosi (2007), Vivaldi's Gloria (2011), Petite Messe solennelle by Gioacchino Rossini (2012), party in the evening of Thursday next dinner of Adriano Banchieri (2009) and Carmina Burana by Carl Orff (2015), the latter in scenic form directed by Luciana Ruggeri, he also recorded three CDs, one with the work of father Armano Pierucci entitled La terra dei fioretti (2013), CD that is sold, among other things, to the Franciscan bookshop in Jerusalem.
Since 2003 he is Director of the Grand Concert Hall town of Porto San Giorgio with which he performed the Divine Comedy by Robert w. Smith (2005)-Narrator Luca violins, has worked with major artists like sax player Massimo Mazzoni, Daniele Di Bonaventura and He conducted the world premiere of Orpheus, for oboe and orchestra (2012) by Bert Appermont (oboe soloist Francesco Di Rosa). The song was commissioned by the author from the How of Porto San Giorgio (FM).
Since 2007 he is Professor at the "Libera Accademia di Direction DAS" and artistic director of the Association Amadeus. In the first 10 years of the free Academy DAS collaborated with renowned teachers like Arturo Andreoli, Raffaele Angelo De Paola, Naples, Fulvio Creux, Louis Livi, Brian r. Earl, Daniele Gasparini, Lorenzo Pusceddu, Angel Bailey, Luciano Feliciani, Philip Ledda, Stephen Gaines and important composers of international standing such as Giancarlo Aquilanti, Bert Appermont, Otto m. Schwarz, Jacob De Haan, Jan Van der Roost, Franco Cesarini, Robert w. Smith, Robert Sheldon, Brian Balmages, Frank Ticheli, and Jan De Haan.
Since 2007, its project for construction of a junior band called all of a ... breath, turned to the fourth class of primary school, was activated in many localities of Marche (Serra de ' Conti, Porto San Giorgio, firm and others, where still today are the respective junior band).
In 2011 he performed in a concert (sold out) at the great Hall of St. Petersburg Shostakovich Philharmonic Hall, conducting the Orchestra Sinfonica della Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini, dove, representing Italy, inaugurated with a critically-acclaimed concert of the International Festival "Time of Capitals".
In 2012, at the invitation of Maestro Abdullah and at Stanford University (California), United States held a series of benefit concerts in as guest conductor with the oboist Francesco Di Rosa.
He founded, together with the violinist Serena Trestles, Dominik Academy (2012), best instrumental vocal group formed by young professionals active in the marches which deals with projects ranging from baroque music till Novecento historian.
He collaborated with important institutions conducting the Orchestra Regionale di Puglia, Rossini of Pesaro Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra Pro-art, the Academic Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of the Italian Brands, FORM (Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana ), the Sinfonietta Lilies and others.
Severals masterclasses to institutions and academies of music in Italy and abroad (Conservatory of Rodi Garganico, Liceo Musicale in Bologna, Master of leadership on the islands of Corfu and Malta and many others).
Promoter and supporter of contemporary music, he has conducted several world premieres of which some dedicated to him (Daniel Gasparini, Brian r. Earl, Giancarlo Aquilanti and others).
In 2015 has been awarded with the Oscar of the excellence of the marches for the music and entertainment industry.
In may 2017 held a series of concerts on the occasion of the 190 anniversary of death of German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven.
In 2018 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Rossini's death he conducted a series of benefit concerts, in the Petite Messe solennelle.